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Municipal Engineering

Municipal Engineering goes far beyond the simple application of engineering knowledge to solve problems and improve public services. It involves a full understanding of the codes regulations and standards which must be met; a commitment to the interest of the public good, and balance of the improvement costs with the benefit received by the public.
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Project Management
The Project Manager is key to the success of any project. From the smallest to the largest, every project must work within its defined scope, schedule, and budget to be a success in meeting its purpose. Ponticello Enterprises understands and is highly skilled at managing municipal projects, including those with federal and state funding requirements.
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Civil Design
It is a rare municipal project that starts from scratch with completely new facilities and bare ground. Retrofit and rehabilitation tend to be the names in the municipal "game." The complexities of working within existing improved areas, retrofitting or replacing existing facilities in-use, and keeping public services going are areas in which Ponticello Enterprises has developed expertise with particular capability in designing municipal infrastructure upgrades and rehabilitation.
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