Our Firm

Ponticello Enterprises Consulting Engineers was established in 1998 as an engineering firm specializing in providing services for the public sector. Ponticello Enterprises offers a wide range of consulting services including full municipal engineering, project management, construction management and development services.

Ponticello Enterprises has established a reputation of meeting the expectations of each client by providing experienced people that not only understand engineering, but understand the public process. Our staff functions as a motivated team that shares commitment, pride, and ownership in their work.

A significant characteristic of the staff at Ponticello Enterprises is that members of our staff have served in the public sector. As a result, our company is known for providing responsive, quality recommendations and solutions to a wide variety of public works engineering issues. We believe that successful projects are the result of a well managed and motivated team committed to being accountable and sharing ownership in the product or service.

Our company has a solid history of maintaining long-term relationships with our clients. We strongly emphasize communication with the client and within the project team, involve key senior staff at all the project stages, and emphasize the importance of producing a project that meets the need and purpose as defined by our client. We are continually reviewing our procedures and performance in order to provide maximum client satisfaction and staff effectiveness.